Asbestos Services - Consultancy and Removal

Asbestos Consultancy and Surveys 

Our extensive experience with all asbestos matters and our approach to problem solving allows us to offer cost-effective advice for any asbestos issue.  Those that consult with us find our advice to be realistic, grounded in sound practice – and free of charge

There are two types of asbestos survey - Management or Refurbishment/Demolition and we do a lot of them annually.  Some survey requests are prompted following a Factory Inspector’s visit to commercial premises, where the management have been caught out by being unaware of the legal requirement to have an Asbestos Register.  Others are requested so as not to delay property repairs or rebuilding works, or as a precaution before buying a property.

Surveys provide the information necessary to draw up an Asbestos Register, which we can do for you, and help you formulate a regular Asbestos Inspection regime.

Asbestos Removal in Belfast and Northern Ireland

We are a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor (License No: ASB L07/08), authorised by the Health and Safety Executive of Northern Ireland to remove every type of asbestos.  Our customers include domestic, commercial and insurance company clients.

Not all companies in the asbestos industry approach asbestos removal work in the same way that AES Marconi does. We have seen proposals from some that have had needlessly over-engineered solutions and no thought for the consequential, yet unnecessary, excessive cost. Our proposals are well thought through and best value for our clients.

The HSENI tells of those they have detected (and prosecuted) for short-circuiting asbestos removal safety procedures. These irresponsible acts may cut contractor’s costs, but in doing so they expose staff, clients and the public to a serious health threat.  

We invest heavily in training, and retraining, employees in the latest techniques for the safe handling and removal of asbestos containing materials, so that we do our work right, and in the safe way we said we were going to do it.